Croscill comforter sets

Croscill bedding offers quality bedding accessories that are elegant, stylish, and low maintenance. The company was founded in 1946. Initially, Croscill specialized in window accessories. Gradually, it captured the market for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen window fittings.

Croscill comforter sets

Croscill set the standard for household linens. Then, in the Sixties, the company began its comforter trade. The unique thing that Croscill bed did was to coordinate the color scheme of bedding and window curtains. Since the company had already established a niche in other types of household linen, their comforter section easily became a trusted brand in the furnishing world.

Croscill bedding has a wide range of comforters and bedding accessories such as colored bed skirts, pillows, and window shades that match the comforter sets. The sets are popular now as they can be customized according to the color scheme one has in the room or in the entire house.

Croscill comforter now offers more than a hundred kinds of comforter sets, each with some unique features in style, shape, and size. Croscill bedding sets have matching comforter sets, sheet sets that are color coordinated, shams, feather-light throw pillows, window accessories, and table covers. Some sets also offer matching wallpaper as well as bathroom fittings and accessories. In brief, the Croscill bedding set offers a complete solution for household linen and indoor furnishings.

The comforter sets offered by Croscill bedding come with feather-soft pillows and lightweight mattresses. There is also a special category for children's comforters. In children's comforter sets, the company offers soft and smooth linen, lightweight pillows, and mattresses. These sets for children come in colorful options and are for children ranging in ages from four to ten.

Croscill comforter has recently launched their latest collection of bed linen sets. It is called Wisteria. The Wisteria collection features beautiful fabric and floral patterns. Each set of this bedding collection also comes in a light-blue framed comforter. This frame accentuates the pattern of wisteria flowers on the cloth spread on the bed and on the pillow covers. The bed sheet and the pillow covers come in striking colors such as gold, silver, beige, and white, and look gorgeous against the light-blue frame of the comforter. The Wisteria collection of Croscill comforter extends to bathing accessories like bathrobes, towels, shower curtains, and window drapery. Other categories of floral patterns offered by the company are Greenwich Court, Heritage Crewel, and Pavilion.

Croscill comforter also has several other design categories. The Southwest designs have Alpine, Big Sky, and Grand Teton styles. Their Luxury section has exotic patterns of Antoinette, Bellissima, and New Castle. Croscill comforter also exhibits modernistic designs in the collections titled Presidio, Metro, and Boxwood. Exotic tropical patterns come in collections like British Colonial, and Fandango.

Croscill comforter sets


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